Fairy tale dancers in fur at royal reception

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During the State Visit in China, the dance troupe PIVOT Dance Company performed in fur costumes in front of a prominent audience that counted HM the Queen of Denmark and HRH The Prince Consort.  According to the Danish Minister of Trade and Development the event proves that Denmark, China and fur are all linked together.

The PIVOT Dance Company performed three times during events at the regent couple’s State Visit in China with a furry show that combined Hip hop and ballet.

– It shows that Denmark is a strong fur nation. We are among the best in the world at producing quality fur. The Chinese are among the best in the World at processing the fur and turning it into fashion. This states that Denmark, China and fur are linked together, says Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister of Trade and Development.

This is not the first time the Pivot dance troupe is invited to perform at a State Visit. In fact, this is the fourth time. Latest during the State Visit in Russia, the dancers wore fur too.

– Hip hop can easily become too ‘street’ and the fur brings the genre to a more exclusive level. We think it is a good message to send about Danish craftmanship. And it looks great as well, said Mette-Louise Just Kryger, Director and Producer at Pivot.

Fairy tale dance

Just like fur, H.C. Andersen is very popular in China. Therefore, the PIVOT dancers’ interpretation of the Danish writer’s fairy tales such as The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea and The Wild Swans was a popular choice among the audience.

The Danish and Chinese culture fusion became evident as eleven Chinese male ballet dancers from Beijing Dance Academy joined the seven dancers from PIVOT on stage. They danced as the wild swans to choreography made for the occasion by Jesper Kryger, Head of the PIVOT Dance Company.


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