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The Eurasia Remix 2015 Competition was recently held on the evening of November 18, 2015, Hotel Korston, Moscow, Russia. The international competition of young fur designers was organised by the Russia Fur Union in collaboration with Moscow State University of Design and Technology with continued support from the IFF (International Fur Federation.) The competition aims to bring exposure to the Eurasia region and allow creativity to be explored in the fur sector.




1st place was awarded to – Letitsiya Kovaleva (Ukraine)

2nd place – Polina Zubakina (Russia)

3rd place – Ali Koç (Turkey)


Special prize from the Furland company – Elena Lubina (Russia)


At the end of the competition and celebration, leading Russian fur companies such as “Ekaterina Furs” and “Madam Matush” showed their newest Winter collections. Eurasian Remix reminded us that the outreach of fur, it’s inspiration, technical capabilities and just wonderfully creative continues to inspire students, businesses and design from all ends of the world.



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Saga Furs co-branding campaign with leading U.S. retailer

Kopenhagen Fur sales programme


Preliminary Kopenhagen Fur sales programme for the January auction

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