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26 February of 2014 by

Inspired by vast natural landscapes shaped over a millennia by the elements and more recently by man, our first trend looks at the juxtaposition between the natural and artificial in today’s topography. As we come to understand the impact man’s handprint makes on the Earth’s surface, we are drawn back to a time when simple, well-crafted necessities outweighed the need for mass consumption and ostentatious excess. Although rooted in a deep sense of primal nostalgia for long lost communities and forgotten lands, the trend takes a modern approach to the concept of origin and our place in the natural world. One that merges the future with our ancient past and sees a more considered approach to both design and integration begin to form. Here, technology is used holistically to aid in the art of craft and the intricate skills of technique, not to reinvent the wheel itself. What arises is an organic sense of evolution that sits in harmony with the world around us, connecting us back to our heritage in order to create our future. Styling has a protective feel – think Highland warrior meets artificial intelligence – that sees textured, micro-geometric and pleated tailoring weights layered with cocooning rustic furs that shield the body from the elements. It’s a synthesis of our tribal past and our technology driven future.

Colour | The palette is saturated in natural pigments, with fossilized neutrals and pewter grey working alongside dried moss, deep shadowy green and stormy blue. Smoldering bronze and rich pine green complete the palette, bringing together the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire.



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Fur gives the character identity and credibility

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FurLab educate young designers about fur

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