Danish designer styles yet another hip hop celebrity

25 March of 2014 by



Saturday night brought Danish fur fashion to Drakes Instagram account. The Canadian rapper posted a picture of him wearing a Astrid Andersen fur jacket during a music video shoot for his latest single “Wu-Tang Forever”. The music video also stars three fur-wearing members of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan who are known as some of the founders of modern rap.

– This collaboration has been underway for some time now. It is the culmination of teamwork with Drakes management and his personal stylist. I am really looking forward to see the end result, says Danish designer Astrid Andersen.

– Drake is the kind of artist I am very proud to relate with my brand. His personal style is a natural extension of my styles, which is very important to me, says Astrid.

The design worn by Drake in the coming musicvideo is the result of a creative collaboration between Astrid Andersen and Kopenhagen Fur.



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