Christmas Campaign winner

29 January of 2016 by

We held a Christmas campaign competition at the end of 2015 with a trip to Milan as the prize. Our Fur Future member Christina Liana from Greece won the competition and expressed to us her excitement “I am overwhelmed and astonished with this brilliant news’’.


Christina carries knowledge in both the scientific and design sector of fur. She comes from a family who have been in the fur Industry since 1920. As well as having her own fur accessories collection Christina is also an apprentice in her family’s workshop. She studied Animal Science and based her thesis research on Fur Farming, specialising in Mink Farming.


Christina tells us that the positive promotion of fur is highly important to her, she expressed that it is key for people to learn about the welfare of Mink and “how wonderful it is to own fur”.




Sojuzpushnina Auction: Preliminary Sales – January 2016

nafa 2016


NAFA : RMB Denominated Auction Payments – January-February 2016

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