How to Care for a Norwegian Blue Fox Fur Jacket

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Hang the fur coat on a padded hanger in a closet that has no exposure to direct sunlight or humidity. Make sure that the closet does not contain any steam pipes or does not become too hot or cold according to the season. If necessary, send the fur coat to a professional furrier for storage during the hot summer months.

Avoid covering the fur coat with a plastic bag or a garment bag during storage. The Norwegian blue fox fur coat will dry out if not allowed to breathe

Avoid wearing shoulder bags or any jewelry that will come in contact with the coat. These items could snag the fur, which could cause damage. Do not spray perfume onto the coat. The alcohol in the perfume could cause damage or drying as well.

Shake out the fur coat after it becomes exposed to the elements, such as snow or rain. Hang the fur coat up to dry in an area that is away from direct heat. The fur can be worn or placed back into its usual storage area once it is completely dry

Avoid wearing the Norwegian blue fox fur coat on long car rides or a trip on an airplane. This could cause the fur to flatten out. Consider wearing a different coat or use a blanket to keep warm instead during these situations.

Take the fur coat to be professionally cleaned once a year. This cleaning should be performed by a fur specialist, not a dry cleaner. The professional will remove dirt, chemicals and any other irritants that could be harming the coat. He will also place a glaze onto the coat that will restore its softness and sheen.
Take the Norwegian blue fox fur coat to a local furrier for an appraisal. Have this written appraisal mailed or faxed to your home owners’ insurance agent where the fur coat can be listed and insured in case of fire or theft.

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