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The finals of the NAFA Cup, China’s most prestigious design competition, took place January 13-14, 2014 in conjunction with the 40th international Beijing Fur Fair. This marks the 5th anniversary of the NAFA sponsored contest.

Following the announcement of the 2014 competition, students from across the country submitted more than 1,000 sketches. A preliminary judging panel selected 20 entries. These 20 students flew to Beijing for a further briefing and selection of fur pelts for their design. NAFA provided all of the fur for the contest and the young designers were able to select from the extensive collection of NAFA Northern Wild Furs including beaver, raccoon, coyote, red fox, grey fox, muskrat and fisher.

Production was provided by local Chinese manufacturers who gave the students the opportunity to visit their factories and work together with skilled technicians for the creation of each garment. The final judging was held the afternoon of the January 13 and each student used the occasion to present his/her inspiration and details of the garment. Judges then had the task of selecting the top three finalists.

The international panel of judges included: Mr. Wang Ye, Secretary General, China Fur & Leather Products Fair; Mme. Deng Xiao Lan, Honorary Chairperson, IFF Asia; Mr. Zhang Zhifeng, President and Art Director, NE Tiger Enterprise; Ms. Maria D’Errico, Designer, Studio Designer & Marketing; Mr. Bruno Porte, Director, Marco-Cipel; and Ms. Diane Benedetti, Sr. Vice President-Marketing, NAFA.

All of the students and their designs were presented to the 500 VIP guests who had gathered for the opening night gala show at the Beijing fur Fair. Prior to the start of the show, models took to the stage in the young, artistic designs of the talented finalists.

Canadian Ambassador to China, Guy Saint Jacques, briefly addressed the audience and then presented the top three winners with their awards. Each received an all expense paid trip to Toronto to attend a creative design workshop at Studio NAFA.

The winners were: Tong Jian Long, Jinli Art Institute – first place; Fu Zhi Chen, Northeast Electrical University – second place; and Hu Han, Zhongyuan Industrial Institute – third place.

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