Brooke aims to represent ‘Arctic Madness’ with graduate collection

26 February of 2014 by

In September 2013, BA Fashion student Brooke Tippett was granted a Fur Futures bursary to help buy pelts for her graduate collection. A few months on, we catch up with Brooke to see how she’s doing…

The initial inspiration for my BA Fashion collection came from British Polar explorers – in particular, Scott of the Antarctic and Shackleton. My concept is to create a visual representation of Arctic Madness, otherwise known as ‘Rar’ – which is a phenomenon that has been documented to affect explorers who winter in the poles. I have imagined ‘Rar’ in shape, fabric and texture and hope to recreate my vision for my final collection.

My colour palette is quite muted, reflecting the colours of the polar wilderness and I wish to use fabrics such as wool, knit, heavy ciré, silk jersey, mohair and fox fur. Through mixing different fabrics, I am hoping to create a captivating collection through contrasting textures and creative fur techniques.

In preparation, I have been experimenting with fur and its possibilities within design (as you can see in the samples below). I began by tiling and have started to weave fur through knit, but both of these samples will need further development, which I intend to achieve through using different fabrics and introducing techniques such as beading and quilting.

I intend to use fur for accessories such as oversized funnel mittens and balaclava hoods, like those seen on the Alexander Wang AW13-14 runway (photo below). Fur will also be used as a trim, for example on a knitted dress or as a front panel on a jumper.


Whilst still in the design process, my ideas are not finalised and will continue to develop. But being able to use fur in my collection is incredible and has opened up a vast range of possibilities within my design. I intend to buy my furs in the next few weeks with my Fur Futures bursary which has been so gratefully received, so please watch this space in a few months for a blog about the finished collection!


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MA collection


UK student uses fur in her MA collection

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