15th Anniversary of Fur Vision NY offers best inspiration ever

19 October of 2015 by

Saga Furs initiated Fur Vision in New York 15 years ago. Since then, the must-attend event has spread to all the fashion capitals of Europe. This year’s gathering offered American designers the most innovative new concepts in fur.

“Designers will not start creating their fall collections before visiting Fur Vision, where all the new ideas are spawned,” says Charlie Ross, head of international marketing and sustainability.


Design teams from top brands, up-and-coming talent and design students who were invited for appointments filled the agendas on 13 and 14 October. New faces appeared along with fashion representatives who consider Fur Vision an “annual must” and have attended for many years. “Designers wouldn’t come back if they didn’t see the value,” notes Ross.


Increased number of designers aim to use fur in upcoming collections

A year’s think-tank efforts at Saga Furs HQ and Saga Furs Design Center resulted in the best sample collection ever. Saga’s team of designers and furriers offered some surprising new ideas, including combinations of fur and cork, stone, fabric and foil.

New thinking expands possibilities and many of the designers who visited Fur Vision for the first time plan to introduce fur in their collections.

“We are the spark plug of design ideas, but sustainability concerns are of equal importance,” says Ross. “Virtually everyone wants to know about our sustainability system, traceability and Farm Certification, which only Saga Furs can offer.”

source : www.sagafurs.com

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